the Scorched is an addictive, original, progressive rock band, formed in the southwest USA, whose music transcends genres, and invokes the soul.

Frequent performers in the Southwest, the Scorched has recently had a phenomenal ride touring through United States, with notable stops at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN., and The Carousel Lounge in Austin TX. They have released two albums in 2017, “The Coming Storm” a live album completely produced in house, and a professionally recorded E.P. named “Odin“.  They are currently working on their first full length studio album, with their very own sound engineer and band member Samuel Rasmussen!  They have also recently began working with a new manager named Dustin Spear from Phantom Management and Production.

the Scorched are:

WADE ENO “The Heart” – Vocals, guitar, bass, keys

KRIS TUTTLE “The Soul” – Vocals, guitar, bass

DEREK CARLSON “The Mind” – Drums

SAMUEL RASMUSSEN “The Body” – Keys, bass, guitar

JOSH RITZ “The Secret Weapon” – Guitar, bass, harmonica

Their experience and talents combined make The Scorched a fun, original, heart pumping, and intriguing band.