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Who is The Scorched? The Scorched isn’t just a band, it is you, it is us…The Scorched is anyone who has been through adversity and never quit, never given up; anyone who has been beat down, kicked around, stood at the fiery gates and said “Not today,” with love and determination in their hearts. The Scorched is a community of wayward souls in search of something better, in search of something more, something meaningful.

Comprised of Wade Eno, Kristopher Tuttle, Derek Carlson, and Josh Ritz, The Scorched formed in 2015 with the goal of creating groundbreaking music that brings people together. Music that is forward thinking, pushes the boundaries of what a rock band is supposed to be, and revives the spirit of rock and roll through love, defiance, strength, and unwavering resilience. Without genres, and without egos, The Scorched creates music that invokes the soul and lights a fire inside.

Since their debut in 2015, The Scorched has spread their rock and their message throughout the country. From Maine to California, Boston to Austin, LA to Nashville, throughout the Southwest, and beyond to places like the United Kingdom, their eclectic brand of rock & roll continues to make waves and bring people together.

The Scorched are:

WADE ENO “The Heart” – Vocals, guitar, bass, keys

KRIS TUTTLE “The Soul” – Vocals, guitar, bass

DEREK CARLSON “The Mind” – Drums

JOSH RITZ “The Secret Weapon” – Guitar, bass, harmonica

Their experience and talents combined make The Scorched a fun, original, heart pumping, and intriguing band.