New Member, New Album!

Hey Scorched fans! Sorry we haven’t posted an update in a while but we have been hard at work on a new album for you! We are making some really great progress on an amazing, full length, studio LP. In many ways this album is bringing the Scorched to a whole new level! Seriously guys, the magic that is happening in the studio right now is incredible, and a lot of it has to do with the owner of this amazing studio, and new member of the Scorched, Sam┬áRasmussen! Sam is a Berklee College of Music graduate and sound engineer, who can play incredible piano, as well as other instruments. Sam is an amazing guy as well and the meld with the band just came natural; he just fit. So, keep a look out for Sam on stage playing scorching keyboard, as well as bass and guitar when needed!

A little about the album: without giving too much away, we are really focusing on bringing our songs to the next level with this album. We are digging deep into our roots of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to bring you guys an album that will take you on a journey and make you wanna listen over and over. Honestly, we are really pushing ourselves on this one. Our whole goal is to give you guys something unique, powerful, emotional, and truly the Scorched. Something that is OUR sound. Hopefully we will be releasing a single for you guys this fall and have the album finished by the end of the year, beginning of next. We will keep you updated! What we have so far is very exciting, and you will see what we mean on our next couple of shows!

Speaking of shows, here is our current fall show list:

September 16 – Chopper Johns F*** Cancer Benefit Show, Phoenix (Great Cause, Great Local Showcase, and gonna be one heck of a good time!)

September 19 – Rips Bar, Phoenix with Robot Jurassic (These guys are from the east coast and they are incredible! You don’t want to miss this show!)

September 30 – Fibber Magee’s in Chandler (An intimate acoustic show with Wade and Kris. This is very special and rare these days, hailing back to our acoustic roots. If you haven’t seen Kris and Wade rock acoustic then you need to come out! No one rocks as hard on acoustic than Wade & Kris…..except maybe Tenacious D….)

October 28 – Boulder Dam Brewing Co, Boulder City NV HALLOWEEN BASH! (This is going to be SO much fun! Come out in your favorite costume and enjoy some epic rock with the Scorched!)

We have also submitted to SXSW in Austin for 2018, as well as McDowell Mountain Music Festival so keep your fingers crossed for us! There will be more music dates to come, so keep an eye out on social media for updates! Thank you all for the continued support, we love you all! Stay Scorched and keep rockin’!

the Scorched

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