So, it has been a bit since we have given you guys an update….we know, we should keep in better touch….but SO much has been going on! Since our last update we have been hard a work with our upcoming LP “Rebellion”. The LP is still in the works but we are happy to report that the songs are coming along beautifully, and it is shaping up to be a ground breaking, amazing album! In other news we have also added another new member, Josh Ritz. Josh is an Arizona native who was part of the group Sarah’s Lament along with Derek and Kris. Josh brings epic guitar solos, musical craftsmanship, and has done (and continues to do) all the repairs and mods to our guitars. So now, along with Sam, we have become an epic 5 piece! If you haven’t checked out the new line up live, you need to! We are blazing new sonic territory and you don’t want to miss it!

In other news we have been working hard on our community approach. The Scorched has always been about forward thinking and bringing people together. We have been busy tackling internet radio stations like Revolution Radio 2.0 (www.revolutionradio2.com), where Wade has been a frequent guest and performer. It is important to us to be part of, and help create, an inclusive, indie scene and we have been on a mission the past 3 years to bring people, music lovers, and communities together. Our recent benefit concert, Vegas Rising, is a great example of how much we can do together with the power of music. Next week (1/20/18) we will be spear heading another benefit concert, the Junk Yard Jam, benefiting local dog rescues, at the Sahara Lounge in Las Vegas. Kris and Wade will also be on the Las Vegas morning news 1/16/18 doing an acoustic performance to promote the concert! We absolutely love being part of events like this and will continue to organize more!

On top of all this exciting news we have even more to tell you! Xvive Audio, maker of ground breaking wireless guitar systems, has honored us with an endorsement! We absolutely love their wireless system! Xvive Audio is extremely supportive of indie musicians and bands, so much so they have graciously asked us to help represent them at the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim, CA this year! If any of you are going to NAMM this year be on the lookout for the Scorched!

Once again, thank you all so much for your support and faith in the Scorched. It means the world to us to have you listen to our music, and be part of the indie rock revolution. We could not do this without you. Lets continue to spread the community and continue bringing people together for incredible causes, and amazing live music. Life can be crazy, we have all had our fair share of ups and downs, our share of hurt, frustration, and set backs, but we forge on and with determination we fight through; we pick ourselves up and we keep going because with strength and love in our hearts, fires in our bellies, & laughter in our souls, always remember……we are the Scorched…..and together we shall overcome.

Welcome to the Revolution.

the Scorched

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